6737 Denny Ave Security Deposit amount pending screening results.

Relax in a gated and professionally managed building centrally located in the City of North Hollywood. Nuzzled in the San Fernando Valley, Denny Apartments is located near freeways, shopping, restaurants, and public transportation

Denny Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91606, USA

6737 Denny Ave is within 7 minutes or 3.1 miles from Woodbury University. It is also near the New York Film Academy and Valley College.

The mix of cosmopolitan flair and low-key atmosphere once led LA Weekly to speculate that North Hollywood just might be the best place to live in the Los Angeles area. This community has become popular among artists, writers, filmmakers, and actors seeking balance between easy access to Hollywood and a quieter, more suburban home environment.

The local food and bar scene is robust, and the bohemian vibe of the NoHo Art District attracts all manner of offbeat creative types. Uncommon among Los Angeles-area communities, much of North Hollywood is quite walkable, with food, drinks, galleries, and performance venues just a leisurely stroll away from one another. Thankfully for renters, all of the perks of this location come at a relatively affordable cost. Most renters pay an average of $2,282 to rent in North Hollywood, about $500 less than the Los Angeles average.

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