he Page St. Condominiums offer prospective residents the opportunity to live in a pristine condo quality community, located in a desirable rental neighborhood just blocks away from the historic downtown of Buena Park which includes popular locations like Knott’s Berry Farm, the recently opened shopping centre “Source at the Beach”, Buena Park Downtown Mall, also many nightly entertainment options within a five minute drive. The architectural layout and design of the property allow for a private setting in the central courtyard. The courtyard comes complete with beautiful green grass and shrubs. The property includes a large laundry facility in a separate building for residents to use.

Each individual condo includes a private fenced in patio for the residents to enjoy the fresh air, also each will have their own enclosed car park which can be accessed through an automatic gate at the front of the building to keep your car clean and convenient parking.

We have four units. Please contact to get more information.

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